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Configuring the olsrd nameservice plug-in

The name is a bit misleading, as it has grown from a bit nameservice to be a instrument for flooding many information in the mesh:

  • my hostname
  • hostnames in my attached network
  • address of my dns server
  • geopositions
  • mac addresses
  • services


Add the following to /etc/config/olsrd. Be sure to have no important data in /etc/hosts.

config LoadPlugin
        option library ''
        option 'suffix' ".ninux"
        option 'hosts_file' '/etc/hosts'
        option 'sighup_pid_file' '/var/run/'

The /etc/config/dhcp file (i.e. dnsmasq config) can be left with the default values.


Add the following to /etc/olsrd.conf. Be sure to have no important data in /etc/hosts:

LoadPlugin ""
        PlParam "name" "qq"
        PlParam "suffix" ".ninux"
        PlParam "hosts-file" "/etc/hosts"
        PlParam "sighup-pid-file" "/var/run/"

dnsmasq config can be left with the defaults

It is also possibile to give the lat/lon coordinates and create a file (.js) in which to store the position of the others nodes:

LoadPlugin ""

        PlParam "lat" "52.524"
        PlParam "lon" "13.31"
        PlParam "latlon-file" "/var/run/latlon.js"